Office of the Colonelcy 

The Office of the Colonelcy (website) is the Official Authority, Origin and Source of civilian and honorary colonels in the Americas since 1774, some records date back to 1651. The Office of the Colonelcy maintains a disambiguated database of newspaper articles for all the types of American civilian colonelcy which precedent today's programs, we also catalog genealogical data that is voluntarily included or part of the Creative Commons. All of our data presented comes from the public domain and includes Kentucky Colonels, Tennessee Colonels, Texas Colonels and in general the title. 

The websites American Colonels, Office of the Colonelcy,  and Kentucky Colonelcy were developed following a legal battle HOKC v. KCI in a 10 year settlement agreement with 'The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, Inc.' not to use their registered trademark [Kentucky Colonels®] it including the hashtag #kycolonels and username kycolonels and the voluntary cancellation of our unregistered trade names "Kentucky Colonels International" and "Kentucky Colonel Foundation".

A great deal of the materials being presented within these Creative Commons works were discovered when they were researched for the legal defense of Col. David J. Wright, who was finally acknowledged by the Federal Magistrate on December 29, 2020 as a civilian colonel (officer) of the Commonwealth of Kentucky; the meeting between Col. David Wright and the Magistrate of the Federal Court resulted in a settlement with the modification of a Preliminary Injunction which was applied early in the case which forced "Kentucky Colonels International" and "Kentucky Colonel Foundation" to become Commonwealth Colonels and American Colonels Network in August 2020. During the settlement it was discussed that we would use the term and idea of Kentucky Colonelcy and restrict the website content to educational and historical content. 

Many of the materials presented presented to the court in the Col. David Wright were never heard despite being presented in August, September and October; to forestall and avoid having the Colonel's motions and petitions heard by the court the Plaintiff requested a settlement conference with the dismissal of the complaint. These motions were filed and are part of the public record. Other unfiled petitions will also be published, in these works which allege trademark bullying on the part of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels.