About Ecology Crossroads

About Our Organization

The Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Kentucky under ID 0329183 as a nonprofit corporation established on April 12, 1994, is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-governmental organization (NGO) under US Tax ID (EIN) number 61-1259384 and exists to fulfill the charitable purposes further set forth in its Certificate of Authority and Restated Articles of Incorporation.

Our History

Founded April 12, 1994 in the Commonwealth of Kentucky as a non-profit public charity and non-governmental organization with the purpose of creating, developing and promoting ecologically and socially sustainable alternatives, solutions and values through conservation awareness events, demonstrations, education, expositions, cultural exchange, knowledge sharing, scientific research, and volunteerism. Our organization's foundership was responsible for many of the first "environmental awareness expositions" starting as early as 1988 and urban forestry programs planting over 10,000,000 trees across the United States from 1994 forward. Our big break came in 1995 with a Free Tree Program in Washington DC, ignited by newspaper articles about our activities, many more pop-ups emerged from the motivational inspiration created by our events which were copied and duplicated nationwide in shopping malls across the country. Today we are working with Indigenous peoples in South America to protect millions of acres of natural forests and ecological reserves identified as critically endangered as well as the the people that inhabit them.

Our Purposes

Our organizational purposes are extensive and elaborated in our Articles of Incorporation