Kentucky International

Kentucky International is a nonprofit cooperative foundation initiative focused on Kentucky as a historic origin and source of great cultural significance combining real-life events and legacies of its founders and forgotten pioneers (the Kentucky colonels). The initiative is focused on the promotion of tourism and economic development initiatives (using the best of what Kentucky can offer) and helps new Kentucky businesses, individuals (sole-proprietors) and organizations develop added value with products and services that are developed or originated within the state.

What is Kentucky International?

Kentucky International is a social cooperative enterprise made up of persons that join the cooperative to exercise their special rights, privileges and responsibilities as recognized honorary civilian officers each in their own "ad hoc" sort of way from their professional roles in the society. Kentucky International includes people from a broad range of social niches which share one thing in common. Membership in Kentucky International is limited to persons that have received a commission as an admiral, ambassador, 

Kentucky International is a new initiative that aims to promote Kentucky's global connections and opportunities. It is being developed by a team of people who are passionate about Kentucky and want to see it succeed on the global stage.

The project has the potential to make a significant contribution to Kentucky's economy and culture. By promoting Kentucky's exports, tourism, and investment opportunities, Kentucky International can help to create jobs and boost the state's economy. The project can also help to raise Kentucky's profile on the global stage and attract new talent and investment.

Here are some of the potential benefits of the Kentucky International project:

Kentucky International is a well-conceived project with the potential to make a real difference in Kentucky. The project has the support of a strong team of people who are passionate about Kentucky and want to see it succeed. I am excited to see how the project develops and I wish the organizers all the best in their efforts.

In addition to the above benefits, Kentucky International could also play a role in promoting Kentucky's culture and values on the global stage. By highlighting Kentucky's unique history, people, and products, Kentucky International can help to build goodwill and understanding between Kentucky and the world.

Overall, Kentucky International is a promising initiative with the potential to make a positive impact on Kentucky's economy, culture, and global standing.

Was this previously Kentucky Colonels International?

Yes and no, due to the prohibitions of an Agreed Permanent Injunction, the previous organizational development using "Kentucky Colonels" in the name was terminated, no donations, dues or fees were collected since February 2020. The new formation is being organized and chartered by Kentucky colonels, distinguished Kentuckians and other goodwill ambassadors which have voluntarily joined the civil society. Through not using the term "Kentucky Colonels" as part of our new name or trademark, the new organization is in full-compliance with the injunction.

What is a Kentucky Colonel?

The Kentucky Colonel is a larger than life character that can be recorded in the United States at the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893, and earlier in American newspapers starting in the 1870s. The title "Kentucky Colonel" was actually coined in 1872 in a nationwide news story about "Kentucky Colonels" explaining why there were so many of them. The first Kentucky Colonel in law was Col. John Bowman who was made a Colonel of Kentucky County on December 21, 1776 by Governor Patrick Henry of the Commonwealth of Virginia (formerly Old Dominion of Virginia). It is well-understood that Col. Bowman made dozens more men 'colonels' under his commission to form a civil government.