Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is probably the single biggest asset that can be challenged in court or harm a company aside from actions taken by the officers of the organization when an intellectual property issue arises that may affect the public good. Ecology Crossroads takes Intellectual Property (IP) very seriously, intellectual property is our biggest asset we have successfully defended the promotion of Arbor Day, Earth Day, the Goodwill Ambassador Title and the Kentucky Colonel (Officer and Commission) in Federal Court as common-law trademarks in the public domain (using history). Intellectual property includes business names, copyrights, patents, the generic use of terms in an official capacity, trade names, trademarks, and trade dress; it includes slogans, ideas, designs, colors and more. Intellectual property ownership defines goodwill and rights to use a term or idea from the public domain. 

Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation

The Ecology Crossroads Mark or Name is the combination of the words "ECOLOGY" + "CROSS-ROADS" understanding the metaphorical imperative of "a time and place of a transitional change from our current ecological state or for ecology itself, at the root of life-sciences." We consider ECOLOGY CROSSROADS our common-law trademark and copyright on a global scale, the term "Ecology Crossroads" appeared in over 250 newspapers across the United States from 1994 until 2001.

For the organization we are adjusting the reality of the term to mean much more as a brand name, place name and idea by forging programs through our cooperative subsidiary Globcal International starting in 2020.

Globcal International (Cooperative)

Globcal International was founded on the inspiration of Col. David Wright when he attended the OAS Conference "Summit of the Americas" in 2009 in Trinidad fostering the idea of Goodwill Ambassadors of the World promoting Green Global Citizenship. Prior to this time Wright was organizing the project with others based on its need and result as a movement started by about a dozen social media entrepreneurs and advocates, calling themselves Goodwill Ambassadors, Globcal grew into the hundreds by 2011 when the organization incorporated as an LLC (youth organization) in Washington, DC; that was until 2013, when it became an unincorporated cooperative association based on up-to 1,000 equally invested in the equity at the time they join the organization. 

Globcal International and its Goodwill Ambassadors (individuals) hold legal rights, copyrights and proprietary claims to a number of distinctive terms and titles as our own trademarks, as trade dress and as tradenames when used in context with our initiatives, programs and projects. All of our websites as many as 36 domains and 100 subdomains and Intranet sites that are all considered to be distinctive intellectual property. The strength of our intellectual property is based on being able to dominate 3-6 word meaningful terms into a "one or two word term" that is clearly identified with the organization and the ideas it promotes.