Events and Observances

Each year there are more than 300 International Awareness Events that are recognized in every country in the world in some way. These events create a basis for foundational awareness in many different areas that are in need of attention, funding or support to achieve their goals. All of these awareness days and observances are educational and non-profit in nature, in the social media they are topics that draw the public to educational resources targeted and providing information about the topic. Ecology Crossroads recognizes a number of awareness days and international observances.

Patronizing Events and Observances

While Arbor Day and Earth Day served Ecology Crossroads well during our first 10 years as an organization, other international events require more experts and volunteers from different disciplines would be necessary to anchor them in our charitable and philanthropic focus. Fortunately the patronization of public awareness events and observances has always been a major part of the Globcal International Goodwill Ambassadors strategy which overlaps with literally hundreds of cities, organizations, states, and governmental agendas that is both positive and friendly creates real change and reinforces civil society. Globcal International members use particular International Observances for network building, creating new contacts and as a building block for more meaningful relationships involving multilateralism and sustainable development. International Observances is a positive and meaningful way to promote awareness and create relationships that solve problems facing societies.