Ekobius International

A 27 acre ecological village and campground located at the edge of territory that is protected by environmental and Indigenous law, notwithstanding the state. Ekobius is the largest and last parcel on Via Gavilan (T-21) prior to entering a wilderness area larger than Norway, Ekobius accepts visitors that are students, backpackers and researchers with reservations of 2 weeks or more.

Fundo Ekobius (Foundation) 

Starting around 2006, our founder Col. David Wright became involved in promoting the values of ecotourism and travel to the Venezuelan Amazon, he travelled there frequently with friends, his family and international visitors. In 2013 he took it a step further when he made an offer on a small property and then shortly thereafter purchased a larger, nearby property from Pastor Jesus Rueda of the Jireh Community. As it turned out it was the last property before entering Indigenous Territory extending 1,200 kilometers to the East. It had been used for Christian Revival Gatherings accommodating 200 people or more.

Ekobius International is a 10.9 hectare (27 acre) FUNDO which is the criollo-Indigenous name for a FOUNDATION (Place) distinguished within Indigenous Sovereign Territory. It was purchased on May 27, 2013 by Col. David J. Wright and his wife, Professor Sonia B. Ceballos [deceased 2020]. Prior to her passing, Sonia Ceballos went to Puerto Ayacucho and presented all the relevant documents to the national court which gave her clear title and usufruct rights to occupy the property for agroforestry and agrotourism in 2016. A monument is being placed at the property in 2025 recognizing her as a founder of the ecovillage.

Ekobius Entrance Road

From the entrance it is 600 meters to the main house and campsites. Since this photo was taken in 2013, the sides of the road have grown up and recovered.