Ecology Crossroads Program Directory 

The Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation has successfully organized and developed over 100 educational and environmental awareness events since we began in 1994, if you add the events organized by the founder before we were incorporated back to 1988 the total is double.

Initiatives, Missions, Programs and Projects

Ecology Crossroads' programs are administered, managed and organized as independent entities which we call "foundations" or "missions" or "commissions" when operated in conjunction with our cooperative Globcal International, while each initiative is under development and implementation, the individual programs are managed by one or more Globcal International members. Programs can become independent entities after they are fully developed under a team of three or more Globcal International members who form a commission, however most often they remain as programs with committees under our umbrella, yet each is independently managed. All of the events, initiatives, missions, programs and projects developed by Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation qualify as tax-exempt activities and are tax-deductible for donors living in the United States. As a legal 501(c)(3) organization in the US, all funds from other countries are usually tax-deductible as well.

Donor Advised Fund Programs

Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation operates a donor advised fund and benefactor based fiduciary program, through Globcal International which operates a number of initiatives, programs, and projects listed below, please use the "Donate to Ecology Crossroads" link to donate to our "General Fund", annotate your donation or you can use the Donate Button or QR-Code to the right then select the specific program that you are donating to, we administer the funds (serve as the fiduciary) for the following initiatives and programs. Each website has its own QR-Codes and links!

All Globcal International cooperative membership fees are deductible as professional services and Ecology Crossroads charitable donations are now tax-deductible based on non-profit 501(c)(3) guidelines and all donations made by the public are considered charitable based on 509(a)(1) status granted by the United States Government. Your donation will be directed as specified and a representative will follow up with you to recognize your contribution. 

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