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Ecology Crossroads, as a cooperative foundation, funds the development of grassroots missions that result in changes that protect the environment and the people living therein, all of the projects and programs we provide are cooperative associations or social enterprises. All donations to Ecology Crossroads and the programs created or inspired by Goodwill Ambassador™ Programs of Globcal International receive donations exclusively through our organization. For other creative giving, capital funding, endowments and reciprocal ecosystem programs see Philanthropy for other donation options. For Volunteer engagement please review the individual Programs we endorse.

 Ecology Crossroads Donations

Do your part each year to create a more sustainable ecological future for the planet. Donate today and you’ll become an active participant funding urgent direct conservation and advocating best practices. You will be funding strategically developed programs which empower Indigenous Peoples to protect vast forest tracts to establish biodiverse natural heritage sites and provide ecosystem services for us all. The power to protect and restore the natural order—now and for the next generation—is in your hands with our organization and volunteers that want to do important work.

Contributions, gifts and grants (charitable giving) are among the most important resources of nonprofit organizations and public charities; donations are required to fund our mission and goals. Before the Internet, organizations spent 25% or more of their time and resources to raise adequate funding to maintain their purposes, today much more can be accomplished because technology has eliminated the costs associated with costly fundraising events and postal mail campaigns. While some organizations have refocused their budgets to public relations activities, others have focused funding on advocacy and volunteerism, in our case we have developed more programs and funded the development of commissions that have resulted in new laws and government policy protecting nature and ecosystems.

Today our donations go much further, we have been able to diversify to create more programs, thus helping more people, planting more trees, preserving more habitat and even demonstrate reciprocity with gifts for our donors to show our appreciation to them. Our work is far from over, when we began in 1994 we knew the battle between mankind and society verses nature and the planet would be a 100 year struggle to deter climate change and reach net-zero, we will never cease or desist. 

New in 2022

As of August 01 donations of $1,000 or more count towards carbon removal and ecosystem service project contracts using Indigenous conservation and forestry officers. The work produced through funding conservation and monitoring programs is accounted for and converted to NbS credits, one of many Clean Development Mechanisms (CDMs) in the year ahead, the donor as the sponsor of the creation of the NbS has the right to maintain them. Donate now and receive a dividend next year worth as much as 3 to 5 times the amount of the donation as a carbon offset certificate from the source. Its a good deal.

New Program Under Development

Donate Cryptocurrency or Pay for Ecosystem Services with a Dollar Value Conversion from Crypto! 

How are Donations Used?

General donations to Ecology Crossroads can be applied in many different ways, normally donations are applied to specific programs selected by donors themselves using the social media or one of our websites. This gives us a greater role and responsibility to the public trust and the donor as a fiduciary organization to guarantee that the funds are administered properly and directed to the intended parties. Ecology Crossroads suffers from the public relations perspective, but our actual workload as an organization is highly cost efficient based on the obligations we incur.

Since Ecology Crossroads acquired Globcal International as a subsidiary in the United States, our organization as the parent company was able to reinstate itself in 'good-standing' as a fiduciary non-governmental organization and charity operating on a fixed annual operational budget of under $50,000 per year. The part that goes unnoticed is that we are a foundation which sponsors currently 13 distinct programs and grassroots organizational developments under many different names and trademarks. Our only employee is our subsidiary, Globcal International (an independent non state entity), which is a cooperative of international advocates and goodwill ambassadors, that is funded by its cooperators to develop nonprofit environmental, humanitarian, and social welfare programs and associations. Globcal International has organized and developed more than 50 successful programs and events since 2009 and currently manages more than 10 well-developed initiatives, programs and projects serving more than 100,000 people around the world.

Ecology Crossroads does not engage in political lobbying or societal demographics. All of the programs we endorse, fund or sponsor are all nonpartisan and anti-discriminatory, this policy is a cornerstone for us and dates back to 1990 with the founders first events promoting Earth Day. This is not to say that we are at odds with laws, politics, corporations or ideas which we believe are not sustainable or causing harm to our planet, for this we have the courts. Globcal International likewise is apolitical and nonreligious, two of its most basic precepts.

Simeon and Family
Funds are used directly to allow Indigenous Peoples to recover their identity to serve as good stewards of the environment with economic and educational opportunities that promote their autonomy and ability to protect their native territories.