Globcal International

Globcal International is an original independent activism and advocacy solidarity network that emerged from the social media activism and advocacy developments of 2008-2010 which resulted in revolutions and great achievements by the promoters of social good in public diplomacy. The organization reemerged in 2013 as a cooperative social enterprise of social media experts responsible for organizing campaigns and events, today it is more of a think tank and consulting group which makes diplomatic inroads to establish environmental protection and humanitarian efforts. Globcal International became a legal subsidiary (division) of Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation when it was backflipped in 2020 to serve as a decentralized autonomous organizational network. Today 100% of Globcal International communication is decentralized online including virtual offices, meeting places and a virtual private network.

Non-State and Non-Governmental

As a network it was developed to support social, humanitarian, philanthropic and environmental causes to increase the impact of the independent nonprofit organizations operated by its members. Globcal International also promotes and contributes to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, it serves as an umbrella organization that provides professional consultation and assistance to its members..

In 2020, Globcal International became a part of the Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation when its assets were assumed including Ekobius International, Earth Day, Arbor Day, Kentucky Colonelcy, and Goodwill Ambassadors of the World, which was renamed Goodwill Ambassador Commission. Because Globcal International is autonomous it was incorporated as a subsidiary for its affairs in the United States, but not elsewhere allowing its members to support our efforts as international volunteers or as employees in the United States.

Globcal International (placard)

Cooperative Business Enterprise

Globcal International legally is a cooperative enterprise, it is semi-independent inasmuch as it is the only legal employee of Ecology Crossroads. Nearly 10% of Globcal International is owned cooperatively by 100 of up to 1,000 owners, Ecology Crossroads is entrusted as the owner of all the unowned cooperative shares. Just because we have ownership of 80-90% of the cooperative shares. this does not give us authority, as a cooperative it still based on one share, one vote, no person may own more than one share. Currently the organization is operated by an independent project commissioners that serve as the executive council or as officers.

Diplomatic Liaisons 

Globcal International was developed as a nonprofit business group and social enterprise capable of advising, consulting, discussing and engaging its members on a wide range of topics on a peer-to-peer (P2P) basis. The organization was developed to operate transparently using the social media and likewise was affected greatly when people became divided between privacy and disclosure. 

In 2020, coincident with the COVID Pandemic the organization scaled back its infrastructure and began a 5 year redevelopment plan looking for permanence. As they say perfection is when there is nothing left to take away as is the case with success. We believe a project should not succeed unless it can be recognized for its own merit, otherwise impartial results will never succeed.

United we Stand, Divided We Fall

That is the motto of the State of Kentucky, one of the truest forms of community and reflection of common values that built democracy in America. Once Globcal International members demonstrate this slogan in real life they are nominated to become a Kentucky Colonel, currently most Globcal International members are colonels.