Colombia Mission

Globcal International is responsible for Ecology Crossroads interests in Colombia through investments in Colombia and with the Indigenous Peoples of the Middle and Upper Orinoco River Valleys. The Colombia Mission is a new objective that has been warmly received by official governmental agencies and new partners because our organization's founder, Col. David Wright has selected it as a primary part of five different cultural, ecological and recreational objectives with the active support of 13 different ethnic Indigenous groups. Globcal International on April 03, 2023 will begin accepting donations directly from international investors with charitable private activity bonds to improve the general ecotourism sector of Puerto Carreño, Colombia. 

United States and European citizens can aquire with their donation, one private $10K (10 year) activity bond each year that will pay them an interest rate of 7-13% per year as a cooperative member (1 of 1000) with special privileges and benefits. Most of our programs involve creating educational and economic opportunities in Indigenous communities, but in Colombia our focus is tourism for the same people from 13 tribes with the Indigenous Embassy. Discussions are already underway for an Indigenous Art Museum and a Multi-Ethnic Environmental Demonstration Center near the City Waterfront.

Puerto Carreño, Colombia

A previously unknown tourism hotspot re-discovered recently by many tourists since 2020, reflecting back to the 1990s. In 2021, the Colombian Chancellor's Office became inspired with Puerto Carreño as a tourist destination which led to an official governmental support program being launched in March of 2023 for the region's tourism sector.

Come visit you will love it here. Plan your trip in advance with one of our Goodwill Ambassadors from Globcal International if you want diplomatic treatment as one of our investors. Or come on down on your own using Expedia or Lonely Planet and we will see you here!

Our sustainable ecotourism program includes keeping clean beaches at the riverfront, promoting ecological sustainable solutions, public bathrooms and beautifying the landscape of this tourist hotspot. A real pearl in the rough.

The greater underlying program will focus on providing low interest loans for tourism accommodation with grants to renovate the facades, signage, certify particular businesses to promote the well-being of the capital of Vichada, Puerto Carreño.

Sunrise in the Middle Orinoco, 10° North of the Equator, the second largest river in the world, is the purest of the world's top 10 rivers. 

Ecological Crossroads of Great Rivers and Tribal Nations

Because of the confluence of untamed natural llanos (seasonal wet prairies), the Guiana Highlands river valleys that form the Orinoco Watershed this region and the Indigenous peoples tribes that visit Puerto Carreño makes it ideal for hosting international cooperation activities with foreign capital investments that are based on sustainable environmental principles. 

In 2023 and 2024, Globcal International will be introducing several of its sub-developed programs based on local customs, laws and necessity now that our Executive Director is residing in Puerto Carreño.

Travelling fluvial routes in the dry or wet season always presents some challenges, that are always resolved. 

Affordable Exclusive Vacations

Our plans involve affordable environmentally friendly vacations for 2-4 weeks for $1,100 USD up to $2,500 USD including airfare, meals and lodging with first-class treatment from the airport and transportation to 12 touristic destinations. Live our experience; many celebrities, diplomats and presidents have visited here and you should too. We are certain that after the first week and becoming acclimatized you will want to stay throughout the month. It is a really great place for a vacation, visit Indigenous communities, seek a spiritual cleaning and let your imagination become your reality. Let the friendly people of Puerto Carreño accommodate your next vacation.