Transylvania Company (1775)

The Transylvania Company is the only American Charter Company remaining today created to produce titles, survey property and speculate on land through the formation of government. All the valid surveys and claims from the Transylvania Company were transferred to Virginia and later to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. These records can be viewed at the state capitol in Frankfort.

Pioneers of America's First Democracy

In May of 1775 the Colonels and their Colonist Pioneers of the Transylvania Company built Boonesborough at the end of the Wilderness Road and established the 1st Commonwealth Democracy more than a full year prior to the founding of the United States of America with the writing and publication of the Kentucke Magna Charta. The Transylvania Colony was the first and only fairly negotiated purchase treaty ever established between chartered colonial patriot company and chieftains of the Cherokee Indigenous Nation.

For less than three years the Transylvania Colony survived before it was embodied and usurped by the states of North Carolina and Virginia which declared the deal that was made between the colonels and the chieftains as unlawful under the laws of 1774. 

By 1777 the majority of the Transylvania deeded territory was ceded to the Commonwealth of Virginia under some of the same laws that gave rise to the United States government and the Commonwealth government which was known as the Transylvania Constitution or the Kentucke Magna Charta which survived in its own creation based in the laws that superseded it like the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the constitutions of many states which borrowed the concepts and ideas of the Magna Charta written by the colonels of Boonesborough in the Colony of Transylvania which was founded as a country in its own right. There is no place this is better illustrated than in John Filson's book published in 1780 before the founding of Transylvania University; although removed from Kentucky gives an accurate account of the state of affairs during this time.     


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Most Honorable Order of the Transylvania Colonel

The Order of the Transylvania Colonel is not a stateless order or one that has passed its time, although it is considered antiquated the Most Honorable Order of the Colonel is very much alive within the social construct that stands the test of time in most of today's cultures and traditions. The reality manifested on May 23, 1775 when the Transylvania Constitutionals (colonists) held their convention to establish the first Democratic Body in North America with 13 colonels and their companies from five different Transylvania settlements, there were over 100 people that participated in the meeting. During the Transylvania Convention (a 10 day event) officers such as colonels and lieutenants were designated, as well as justices and other government positions, land deeds were made and civil order was established and understood making the colonel and his commission the highest title of honor and authority of the land West of the Appalachian range. 

What does the Transylvania Company do today?

Although the legacy of the 1775 Boonesborough Pioneers has been re-written in history to conform with the laws of the states that assumed their authority over the Transylvania Colony, the Transylvania Colonels left behind their mark as the source of common law principles in democracy as the first authors of the context which demonstrate the ideal of the Honorable Order which we all agree is worth defending, especially in the United States. The Transylvania Company is the source for everything that has become Kentucky including its whiskey, wine and women; its hills, stills, thoroughbreds and its bluegrass, even the name Kentucky based on today's accurate historical facts all make Transylvania the origin and source of the Commonwealth of Kentucky as a whole, even the first governor Col. Isaac Shelby was allied with the Transylvania Colony under its employ and was paid with a generous parcel that he surveyed himself before becoming a colonel for a county to the South.

Ecology Crossroads established the Transylvania Company program as a foundational cornerstone to recognize all that is honorable and beholding to the ideas that have created our democratic morals and sense of fairness as Colonels should and would have at that time considering their amicable relationships and accomplishments with the Indigenous Cherokee as diplomats and statesmen. To continue this legacy Ecology Crossroads actively produces nonprofit mission related programs using the same principles and understanding beholding of Colonel Judge Richard Henderson and Colonel Daniel Boone. To recognize philanthropic donors and investors in mission related objectives in Madison County, in Kentucky, and everywhere else in the world that subscribe to our programs, the Transylvania Company will commission them honorably as a Transylvania Colonel.

What is a Transylvania Colonel?

A Transylvania Colonel Title is literally a land title in deed of authority based in an honorable fiduciary trust made out to a person that has donated, invested or volunteered their time in exchange for a lifetime commission. The commissary award is given to people from organizations and countries of all races, faiths, creeds and genders that demonstrate extraordinary participation in programs endorsed or organized by Ecology Crossroads. All Transylvania Colonels will receive an NFT and the Honorable Order lifetime membership card.

Transylvania Colonel is the highest title of honor in a noteworthy merit or an achievement award that can be bestowed historically based on the accomplishments, character, principles and tenure of individuals representative of their goodwill, justice and philanthropy. Transylvania Colonelcy is recognized by members of the Goodwill Ambassador Commission and has been awarded to several celebrities based on their good works. A Transylvania Colonel Title is more prestigious that any other award based on what it stands for prior to the founding of the United States, it is also greater than the awards offered by the governments that have assumed control over the ideals of our origin and more sublime than an award offered by a state because a colonel's extralegal non state authority would be restricted.

Those who are commissioned can legally use the Title Colonel prior to their birth name and is recognized as an honorary designation. 

It was determined by experts from various fields including history and government that the greatest title beholding in American society that is not a noble title is that of Colonel. At the time of the Revolutionary War the highest title of authority and esteem beholding an honorable patriot was colonel. 

So what is the Honorable Order? 

The Most Honorable Order does not appear in writing as an order, one may think it is a secret that is whispered only between colonels? In reality it is the order of one colonel to make another his second and double in the same path on the same mission or to take up a new commission for the colony or company; the Most Honorable Order is the tradition and custom of the common-law colonel which as was the order of the day the head of the colony, company or county. Only a Transylvania Colonel can make another a colonel.

The use of the term colonel as a military rank is completely different from civilian colonelcy and began when one of the Transylvanians was designated a Colonel for Kentucky County in December of 1776 and ordered to raise a militia of 100 men to form a civil government for the Commonwealth of Virginia.