Nature-based Solutions (NbS)

Nature-based solutions are a clean development mechanism (CDM) that has been standardized with a market finance value defined from the impact of a payment for ecosystem services (PES) agreement or mission-related investment (MRI) on the global environment over a period of 5 years or more. 

Financing natural climate solutions can help companies and individuals to address climate and deforestation impacts, create resilient supply chains, alleviate poverty, create sustainable economies, engage employees and customers, offer net positive products and achieve net zero in the fight against climate change. With Ecology Crossroads you can create dividends from NbS Credits by making donations to any of our initiatives or programs. 

What are Nature-based Solutions?

"Nature-based solutions (NbS) are ways of working with nature for the benefit of both people and biodiversity. They involve a wide range of actions, including protecting existing ecosystems, restoring degraded landscapes, sustainably managing ecosystems and creating new ecosystems. NbS can deliver multiple benefits for society and nature simultaneously. One of these benefits is sequestering and storing carbon, so NbS have an important role to play on the path to net zero. They also have a number of additional benefits, including helping people adapt to the impacts of climate change, improving human health and wellbeing, providing sources of income, and boosting biodiversity. Hence, NbS form a central part of integrated sustainable development strategies." 

University of Oxford

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

CDMs have a market value in the fight against climate change, as a financial mechanism they must be cancelled to possess value for the year they are created, CDMs are renewable when created and attached to nature-based solutions programs once they are legally created and developed by a credible source. CDMs work based on the fact that they must be proven to exist and function based on a set of functional attributes they possess which enhance transparency.

News Fact: August 2022 - Intercontinental Exchange, a leading global provider of data, technology, and market infrastructure, has launched 10 new Nature-Based Solutions Carbon Credit futures contracts, providing a carbon credit futures contract portfolio which allows market participants to buy, sell and hedge carbon credits from 2016 out to 2030. Relative opinion? The market is building to become a 100 billion dollar per year industry in the next 7 years (conservative view) before the 2030 commitment of many industrialized nations under international climate change treaties and conventions. Some say the total value of the Carbon Offset Industry exceeds one trillion dollars per year.

All carbon credits are not created equally. Some credits represent avoided emissions with minimal impacts to global climate. Others, like those generated by nature-based solutions (NbS), have a far greater impact on reducing the amount carbon in the atmosphere and generate many co-benefits such as improved air, water quality and ecotourism. Nature-based solutions credits also have the potential to be reclassified into different types of vintage carbon credits which have been verified and proven over a 5 year period.