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Ecology Foundation Protects Biodiversity and Indigenous Culture with Nature-based Solutions (NbS) and Ecosystem Services Provided by the Guardians of the Forest™ 

Ecology is the basis for all life, it defines the most basic essential and elemental relationship between one object - usually a living thing and some other thing, living or nonliving, or multiple things; generally speaking 'ecology' is the science and study of the complex relationships between many different organisms in a specific place or region commonly referred to as an ecosystem. Ecology literally means the "study of our home," from Ancient Greek οἶκος (oîkos) 'house', and -λογία (-logía) 'study of' the root of the word can also be applied to define other types of relationships such as in finance (economics), social networks, blockchains (technology ecosystems) and the global environment as a whole, also known as Mother Earth (common house). 

Academics, critics, experts, politicians and world leaders all agree humanity has reached an ecological crossroads, our climate is changing, so it is time to make critical choices about the future of our planet to preserve the integrity of the few natural forest ecosystems we have and the nature-based solutions that they provide; we all depend on forest ecosystems for their ability to stabilize the climate. These last strongholds (wilderness areas) need our protection through the development of new nature reserves, biodiversity conservation programs, ecosystem restoration and natural heritage sites, not only for us, but for future generations of ecotourists, pioneers, researchers, scientists and students. Ecology Crossroads is not only a metaphor for our place in time, it is the name of our organization which has come of age. Everyone also agrees that stopping and reversing the damage already done to our 'home' is a matter of social responsibility, which is a great reason to be eco-conscientious and support organizations like Ecology Crossroads who can actually do it. 

Ecologically Conscientious Non-Profit Leaders, Environmental Advocates, Ecosystem Experts, and Sustainable Development Idealists Cooperating Together as International Goodwill Ambassadors for the Good Planet

Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and a 509(a)(1) public charity established for purposes qualified under section 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) of the Internal Revenue Code, it is the most-esteemed exempt status offered by the IRS. The organization was founded and established in the United States in 1994 by David J. Wright of Kentucky and several friends to illustrate the idea that we are living at an ecological crossroads where people need to make a choice which road they will take, in the early years we promoted ecological awareness through urban re/forestation programs, in 2020 the organization shifted its focus to protecting the remaining natural temperate woodlands from the Appalachia to the Andes. 

Since the organization began it has been involved in a broad-spectrum of sustainable development activities and events, we started by planting trees with Arbor Day and Earth Day; today we are engaged in fighting climate change, protecting biodiversity, providing Indigenous philanthropy, protecting natural heritage, recovering ecosystems and promoting agroforestry as well as engaging cross-culturally with autonomous Indigenous peoples in goodwill diplomacy missions to protect their legacies from the scourges of mining, deforestation, displacement and depopulation of forest residents. SInce 1994 and more recently with Globcal International, Ecology Crossroads programs have made a significant global impact, protecting forests, sequestering millions of tons of carbon, creating essential ecosystem services, defending indigenous territory and in addressing the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our acronym are ECCFUS is for all of our US efforts, the acronym ECCFI represents our officers while on international missions. Our name represents where "ecological ideas" come together as well as where they diverge to become more formative ideas that stand on their own.  Yes, in part, our name Ecology Crossroads was inspired in part by the article Ecology at the Cross-Roads written in 1969 by Dr. Henry Neville Southern, Ecologist, Ornithologist. There have been several books and articles that use the word "crossroads" or "cross-roads" to illustrate the ideas of convergence and divergence in their creative work, our organization is the only one that has decided to use it as part of our name and as our common law trademark and business name after doing business in every US state during the 1990's.

Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation (Logo)
Our New Logo for Ecology Crossroads is the Planet Earth at its cross-roads shown here; the design is a base element for the Goodwill Ambassador Commission and the Goodwill Ambassadors of the World. The same terraform is used in the Globcal International Logotype, both images use digital markers. (Artist: William Trabacillo)
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Contributions and Creative Crowdfunding Objectives

There are many creative ways to fundraise online and contribute funds for those who manage their money wisely, although Ecology Crossroads operated collection fundraisers in the past for small amounts under $20 with free trees; we had to explore new methods of fundraising using carbon trading instruments and other benefits that can be derived from ecosystem services. In September 2022 through the end of the year, the organization will introduce its first crowdfunding programs and donation campaigns with Indigenous Peoples so they can produce carbon offset credits that can be utilized internationally.Ecology Crossroads has qualified on most of these platforms using its official documents which are verified independently by each one. 

Latest News Update

In 2021, Globcal International members petitioned Ecology Crossroads to break-up and reform the Goodwill Ambassador Foundation combining it with several other initiatives and programs of other ambassadors resulting in the Goodwill Ambassador Commission and Honorificus which will be presented in 2025

Non-Political Official Purpose

In 2022 Ecology Crossroads resolved to protect the Guardians of the Forest in their native habitat, with the Indigenous peoples in control of their own destiny. We have spent almost 10 years preparing for this moment where our efforts will make an impact. In August we worked out a program that rewards members (donors) with carbon-credit (dividends) for life at a much greater value than what it takes for the donation to produce them. Donors can earn more than $50 for every ton of carbon they offset!

President Biden’s Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad (signed January 27, 2021) called for the development of a plan to promote the conservation of the Amazon rainforest and other critical ecosystems that serve as global carbon sinks, but that deforestation and climate change are converting to carbon emitters. This Plan is aligned with and amplifies existing U.S. government commitments to end natural forest loss and increase the restoration of forestlands, including those related to U.S. support for the U.S. implementation of the Paris Agreement, relevant outcomes under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and the New York Declaration on Forests. 

Currently three of Ecology Crossroads' programs are supported by the White House's Global Forest Plan objectives. We are working on a fourth program which links the three together with a carbon sink reserve program that is aimed at providing agroforestry crops and biodiversity tourism at the source of chocolate. Since 2013, Ecology Crossroads as Globcal International has been developing forest conservation programs with Indigenous Peoples. In 2022 we began a formal relationship establishing a foundation with the Huottuja | De'aruhua People of Colombia and Venezuela to assist them in establishing an international foundation managing their natural resources, resulting in the protection of an area the size of Switzerland.  

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No Time is a Better Time, Than Now!

After more than 30 years of professionally developed activities, events, tree giveaways, marches, envirocons and public awareness expositions designed to inform people about the importance of what has become known today as "ecological sustainability" or any one of the new terms involving climate change, the environment and ecosystem restoration — the world definitively arrived at its ecological crossroads in November, 2021 when the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environmental Programme fighting climate change at COP 26, Greta Thunberg told corporations and government that they have failed to address the relevant issues calling for global action empowering non-governmental organizations and all those who actually are taking action, thank you Greta!

So here we are at the Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation, doing the much needed work of addressing the issues, committed and well-organized, pioneering new programs with the help of Globcal International (our subsidiary) while accepting donations for underfunded and underdeveloped projects during the COVID Pandemic, which slowed our activities; but finally we earned a Platinum Seal as a nonprofit in December 2021; in an ocean of other organizations, ideas, solutions, charities, causes and new problems that can be identified which have a significant affect on the state of the environment, including our own trying to make an impression with our own successes while humbly helping others realize the same as our board members. 

As a public charity which is also a private non-profit corporation in a world of other corporations and non-governmental organizations we want our donors to understand, it is the results that matter so we learned to measure our own results and assessments; we are sensitive to the needs of our supporters; as much as it is with corporations selling their product, charities like Ecology Crossroads focus on serving their donors and program sponsors.

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