Volunteer for Ecology Crossroads

We have had all types of volunteers since we began in 1994. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, US Marines, 4H Clubs, the Rainbow Family, police and firefighters have all volunteered with us to distribute and plant millions of trees in a five year tree planting campaign that met its goals by planting 10 million 3-5 year old sapling trees. Volunteers are instrumental in any well-run charity or nonprofit organization. However, in 1997, the United States Congress they introduced the Volunteer Protection Act or VPA, which protects volunteers while it complicates the relationship and responsibilities of the more dedicated volunteers that assume responsibility as members and their understanding of responsibility within the organization. See the VPA "Federal Volunteer Protection Act" (PDF). 

Ecology Crossroads Engages with Nothing But Volunteers

Since no one is paid in fact by Ecology Crossroads all of our members are technically volunteers themselves, including the officers and board members. Several key people and subcontractors were engaged seasonally as employees historically. That changed in 2020 when Ecology Crossroads acquired over 80% of Globcal International, which provides it with legal, management, public relations, organizational and volunteer services. It also serves us as an incubator for ideas while they are under development.

Each Ecology Crossroads Officer and Board Member maintains their positions based on promoting the organization, making decisions on its behalf and donating a minimum of $5,000 over a 5 year period, their continued annual support consistent with our charter, mission and goals is recommended to maintain their positions. The organization's corporate authority and rights are well-documented in its Articles of Incorporation board members can only be removed for time of service or taking actions that exceed the authority of the Articles and Bylaws or unbecoming the office, only board member unanimously can remove a member. 

While he was a volunteer, Executive Director, Col. David Wright engaged with 90 more volunteers including the city councilman cleaning up 4th street in Wilmington, Delaware on Earth Day in 1990, a week later with another group of 60 volunteers he held a 4 day exposition with 230 exhibitors.

Globcal International Volunteers

To bridge the gaps and mend the differences legally between a volunteer with responsibility that makes a positive social impact (such as a public figure) on the behalf of an organization requires a different dynamic than the type of volunteers covered under the VPA who come out for a day, a few days or a week before their volunteer assignments are over. To resolve this Ecology Crossroads adopted Globcal International as a cooperative society and foundation that can serve all of its needs including volunteers. 

Members of Globcal International are responsible for paying a membership fee of $1,000 per year plus raising $5,000 per year or collaborating 50 pro-bono hours per year on an approved project initiative or international cooperation mission directed by their independent commission of Goodwill Ambassadors. Campaign recommendations using the social media, working at the team engagement points, and engaging the work collaboration platform are all accountable member duties.

Long-term volunteers must become qualified as stakeholders in the "COOPERATIVE" ownership of the business organization (capital infrastructure). Voting privileges are granted by having invested one 1,000th as a stakeholder, of the total assets not including usufruct rights derived from organization members (collaborative human capital). In 2022 the organization adopted CDMs (carbon credits) as bankable dividend benefits for its members collaborative work, it also makes their programs accountable for their carbon offset potential and funding which fights climate change. Once members are fully invested they can subcontract their services through or to the organization for $1 to $100 per hour depending on the level of competence and average rate for similar work performed and they can negotiate for stipends to cover costs and expenses.

The highest level of authority in Globcal International is its Board of Commissioners (13) which changes from time to time depending on the number of hours invested and the amount of money donated that has made an impact on the organization or its assets.

Goodwill Ambassador and SDGs Advocate, Hon. Boban Jovanovic of Serbia on a visit to The Gambia, understanding the people and the culture during a 3 week educational and humanitarian mission.

Engagement as a Volunteer Member or Pro-Bono

Globcal International members can engage local volunteers for events in-person and volunteers on the social media to help them accomplish their objectives, but we have learned our lesson too well with narcissists, promotional operators and wanna-be celebrities to not open membership to the public, but by nomination through existing members. There is also a great difference between actual volunteers and social media followers who may support and endorse particular projects which are neither volunteers or members.

To engage with Globcal International as a professional volunteer or a goodwill ambassador you must come recommended by a third-party or a current member, based on skills you have to offer or a program you are interested in. This will require a person to read and write at the 14th grade level (2nd year of college) or have a bachelor's degree from an accredited university. Protocol and the elements of grammatical style must be adhered to in a cover letter and an executive summary. Those who can convince one of the commissioners that they will be a good member are asked to sign an exclusive non-disclosure agreement by the executive officer.

Students and Researchers as Volunteers

If you are a student, researcher or a scientist you are welcome to visit (travel to) or participate in our programs directly by joining one of the objectives for a $100 USD (fees paid) donation and requesting a Membership Waiver Form from Globcal International for an exemption of membership requirements as a volunteer. Volunteers must also present a cover letter and executive summary page of what they hope to accomplish or do within the realm of volunteerism and/or ecotourism within the scope of their experience whether it be studying butterflies or fishing. Good-faith well intentioned volunteers that accomplish their objectives will be recognized with a letter and certificate.