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Are you an Ecological Cooperator?

Whether our WebSIte Domain "ECOOPERATOR" suggests ecological cooperation, a person that is an ecologically responsible citizen, a far flung ideal of ecology and cooperatives, or a person that operates a business based on ecological principles is a matter of perception, but all of these perspectives would also be true. We feel it is the perfect name for developing many functional, common activities that come together at the Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation, it is the same reason we established the domain name originally in 2013. How do you read it? ECO-OPERATOR or E-COOPERATOR? We use it both ways! 

Contact the Administrator and Webmaster 

For as long as he can, the organization's founder, executive director and president of Ecology Crossroads will probably remain the Administrator and Webmaster of the organization's associated websites, publications, apps and online presence, at least until he retires or perhaps merges it with another objective organization with similar ideas. When Col. David Wright founded the organization and even previously in 1990 he believed that the world would be paperless within 25 years, he was essentially correct paper was replaced with digital code resulting in web documents. It is thought that if the world did not have electronic technological communication that the need for paper would have increased 30 fold in the same period of time.

Send him a message by email using a subject line with the word "Comment", "Contact", "Fact-Check", "Information", "Donation" or "Support", use the email Col. David J. Wright, but if you are a member of any one of our missions, programs, projects or events you can reach him directly using Google Chat from your own Globcal International Workspace Account while using your IDaaS Cloud Based Identity Username provided by Globcal International.