Board of Trustees

Honorable and Integral Public Figures

Our Board of Trustees are selected from the membership of our initiatives, programs and projects for their outstanding service and respect for their integrity. Since our reinstatement in January of 2020 we have requalified our Board of Trustees which have all been selected by the founder of the organization.

The board members are all either pillars of their communities or upstanding citizens and live in different places around the world. Based on their work, financial, and moral support we were able to reinstate and reform the organization to recover the ground we lost when the organization became defunct in status and operated as an unincorporated organization from 2002-2014 and 2016-2019.

Since the reinstatement we are scheduling our first person-to-person meeting with the board in 2022 in Belize, Central America meanwhile, the members use a private forum online and meet regularly there to hold discussions and help make the decisions that guide the progress of the organization with the executive council and board members.

Board Members

David J. Wright

Luis A. Cruz-Diaz

Nicholas A. Wright

Godfrey Brock-Gadd

Sophia A. Williams-Wright

Sonia B. Ceballos-Marvez

Fiyinfoluwa Elegbede

Ricki Landers

Javier J. Vazquez

Nikki Kimura

Meena Persad

Frank Ludwig

Some of the board members serve as commissioners in the organizational development foundations we are developing and oversee the general program formation. All of them have been recognized based on their philanthropy and steadfast integrity towards our success as a non-profit and non-governmental organization.